Serigraphies from Virgínio Moutinho and Ricardo Cabrita

Ideias Emergentes CLOSED Espaço Imerge. A new space will appear in a near future.

Espaço IMERGE is placed in one of the main streets of cosmopolitan Porto (Rua de Santa Catarina) .

In Espaço IMERGE we have available for sale utility and decorative objects designed by talented Portuguese artists. At our Showroom in the building's ground floor, dedicated to contemporary design, we have objects from over 40 artists in various areas: Jewellery | Books | Music | Visual Arts | Housing | Furniture. Oriented to cultural production, it is our goal to define our space as a place of the contemporary, in its most complete and comprehensive diversity by promoting new talents and giving visibility to alternative or emerging projects. Visit our online Store or contact us for more information.



Kamasutra #1
Virgínio Moutinho
framed silk screen printing


P.V.P.: 95,00 Eur
Referência: 050-001

Kamasutra #2
Virgínio Moutinho
framed silk screen printing


P.V.P.: 95,00 Eur
Referência: 050-002



P.V.P.: 300,00 Eur
Referência: 002-007



P.V.P.: 150,00 Eur
Referência: 002-005







Imerge's gallery focused its work in divulging young artists and promoting acknowledged authors.



Imerge's gallery has opened to the public in October 2006 with the International Contemporary Art Exhibition REDline’ 06 – Behind Borders, and since the opening day has hosted and produced a vast number of exhibitions, workshops, presentations, performances and exchanges.
Occupying the basement and ground floor of the building, Imerge's gallery focused its work in divulging young artists and simultaneously in promoting already acknowledged authors, both portuguese and foreign. Our activities, focused on the creation and artistic production, have also the intent the diffuse the communication and understanding between artists, their work and their publics.







Selected projects







October 9th | November 13th 2010 | Espaço IMERGE

In a partnership with Meno NISA Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania) we present works from 5 lithuanian independent authors who develop their activities in contemporary jewellery: Jurgita Erminaitė, Egle Čejauskaite-Gintale, Austėja Arlauskaitė, Solveiga and Alfredas Krivičiai and Sandra Malaškevičiūte.






March 6th | April 11th 2010 | Espaço IMERGE Exhibition from Patrícia Franco

“What can a woman do outside?” (Ghada Amer)
Motherhood, conception, birth, power, body, sex, some of the issues on witch I focus on my work.
Caligena – (from greek Ομιχλης), the primordial Mist, one of the prime gods in greek's mythology.
Feminine's counterpart of Chaos, Caligena it's all the Universe, it is all that possesses as driving force of life, as the cosmos. Mother of all Universe, creator of the energy cosmos, Caligena it would be the first feminine goddess in the Universe.






June 27th | July 18th 2009 | Espaço IMERGE

Ana Miranda | Diogo Faria | Gabriela Ferreira | João Campos | Ricardo Almeida | Sandra Araújo | Sofia Romualdo | Tiago Dias

This set of artistic works is part of the development on the insertion of the installation practice, exploring photography, on the sphere of visual arts, in its theoretical and practical aspects. The meta-photographic inherent transversality to these artists projects, seeks to extrapolate the common normalizing attitude towards the phootographic support, rethinking its concepts. Intrinsic, whether through its utilization / mechanism or through its conceptuality.






April 25th | May 15th 2009, Sta CATARINA 777 / 778 EXHIBITION & ARTISTIC INTERVENTIONS

“Baltic Wind” gathers artistic paintings and sculptures from Benjaminas Jenčius, Longinas Verbickas (Lithuania) and Raimond Rickevicius (Canada/Lithuania) hosted at Sta Catarina's 777, Espaço IMERGE.

At the Sta Catarina's 778 , on the Arqº Cassiano Branco's designed building windows, is presented “Vermelho Vivo“ (“Bright Red”), embracing “The Story Brand Cabinet” STATEMENT from João Foldenfjord and “Lembra-te de trazer o pão...” “ ( “Remember to bring the bread” ) from Gaëlle Sandré e Sébastien Dégeilh.
This intervention appears on the reach of a bigger project - REGENLAB - who seeks to reflect on the importance of the relationship between art and culture with the city.






May 31st | June 27th 2008 | Espaço IMERGE Exposição Colectiva de Arte Contemporânea _TPK

Xaro Castillo | Vicente Da Palma | Agustín Fructuoso | Eva Fructuoso | Montse Montero & Pisuerga | Diego Tampanelli

"¿What is it that makes a person to get up every morning willing to face the thing that Beckett calls the artist's absolute failure? Suggesting this question, we develop a sequence of territories that shape a map of attitudes where those archipelagos of thinking are inscribed, those whom Glissant made reference to. And to the ones we could call territories of resistance."






March 15th | Abril 12th 2008 | Espaço IMERGE Exhibition from Lúcia David.

To jump from a building, to land in the asphalt, to leave forever. There is something poetic about suicide that makes it an aesthetic act, erasing the despair of who lives the action of ending its own life. Death only happens to somebody else. It's a portrait, a show... a news.
In the jump, in the fall, there is neither blood or dirt. There is beauty. There is freedom. There is flight.








Currently at Espaço Imerge



In IMERGE's building we shelter several micro-enterprises and independent professionals in creative areas such as Graphic Design, Artistic and Cultural Production, Civil engineering, with whom we develop projects in the context of our activity. This organic way of functioning allows our interaction with different projects and teams and also permits us, in the Services area, to give quick replies, both creative and consistent, to all of our clients demands, private or public.










Contextile 2014 - contemporary textile art biennial

Jul 26 to Oct 11, Guimarães – Portugal

Contextile 2014 - contemporary textile art biennial Opening

Jul 26 to Oct 11, Guimarães – Portugal

Contextile 2014 - contemporary textile art biennial Opening

Jul 26 to Oct 11, Guimarães – Portugal

Contextile 2014 - contemporary textile art biennial Opening

Jul 26 to Oct 11, Guimarães – Portugal

Contextile 2014 - contemporary textile art biennial Opening

Jul 26 to Oct 11, Guimarães – Portugal

Centro de Memória do Forte de S. João de Deus, Bragança

Conception and Execution of the project for the City of Bragança. August 2013.

Centro de Memória do Forte de S. João de Deus, Bragança

Conception and Execution of the project for the City of Bragança. August 2013.

Centro de Memória do Forte de S. João de Deus, Bragança

Conception and Execution of the project for the City of Bragança. August 2013.


IDEIAS EMERGENTES – Produção Cultural, CRL (IMERGE) is a nonprofit cooperative in Cultural Production, established in the city of Porto, Portugal. Among its objectives are the production and diffusion of artistic activities that can actively contribute to the emergence of new cultural dynamics of local, regional and European character, endorsing projects and Cultural intervention platforms that can actively add value to citizenship and develop new territories and forms for artistic intervention encouraging critical thinking and creative skills.
Resulting from the convergence of their members wills and ideas, combining experiences and knowledge, Ideias Emergentes intends to boost and to be a catalyst element of emergent artistic languages and forms, of multidisciplinary and experimental character, using concepts and transversality pratics and a dialog between creative areas.
Relying on a multidisciplinary team, IMERGE develops activities in three priority fields:
1. Production and Diffusion of artistic and cultural projects in areas such as architecture, design, literature, music, visual arts and performative arts;
2. General Services, being specialized in the organization of cultural events, third party projects, consulting and cultural management;
3. Training, by offering courses and workshops aiming the introduction or the development of technical skills in various areas of cultural and artistic creation.



We are a cooperative society, working as a multidisciplinary platform, developing ideas, research and projects, providing services in several areas, answering to our clients demands (companies, private and public, such as schools, universities, municipalities, ministries, museums, governmental institutions, etc) and/or individual clients.
We work as an open and informal workshop, where the creation process is allied to the production and co-working process, in a natural and accessible way.
Working in Espaço Imerge, the architecture department is coordinated by the architects Susana Milão, Ricardo Gil Pereira and Laurent Scanga.
Ideias Emergentes is a multidisciplinary platform, where the place for the project emerges and alies to the exhibitions space.
Working at “Espaço Imerge”, the services department - architecture and integrated projects is coordinated by the architects Susana Milão, Ricardo Gil Pereira and Laurent Scanga and relying on the collaboration (permanent or punctual) of engineers, designers, illustrators, photographers, sound designers, video artists, Cultural producers and visual artists.
We want to promote activities and projects that contribute in an active and productive way
to the territory qualification in environmental, functional and sensory qualification. The replacement of consumption paradigms: less is more – less quantity for a better quality of life has in culture and creativity a preponderant role and presupposes a new look over things.






Selected projects







Public Competition's Project for reorganization, qualification and valuation of Barrinha, Lagoon of Mira e Lago do Mar (Lake of the sea)

This project has as its goals the qualification and valuation of the principal lagoon systems adjacent to the estuary, as well as to endow the lagoon fronts of living and fruition from the population and visitors, and therefore to promote support structures to recreation activities.
Ricardo Pereira, Liliana Vaz, Sara Azevedo e Ana Amorim, (Architecture), Lia Almeida e Raquel Meireles (Landscape architecture) and Engineering team: Catarina Pereira, Joana Maia, Sónia Amorim, Daniel Barbosa e Rita Ferreira, Alberto Plácido (Photography and Image Processing) and We Work For Knowledge (Graphic Design)




Pier of Canelas, Pier of Salreu and Estarreja's Estuary


Public Competition's Project for the reorganization and qualification of the Lagoon Front of Estarreja

This project has as its goals the qualification and valuation of the principal lagoon systems adjacent to the estuary, as well as to endow the lagoon fronts of living and fruition from the population and visitors, and therefore to promote support structures to recreation activities.
Ricardo Pereira, Alda Coelho, Sara Azevedo e Ana Amorim (Architecture), Lia Almeida (Landscape Architecture) and Engineering team: Catarina Pereira, Daniel Barbosa, Joana Maia, Rita Ferreira, Sara Azevedo, Sónia Amorim e João Amaral, Alberto Plácido (Photography and Image Processing) and We Work For Knowledge (Graphic Design)




Interpretative Center for the Arraiolos Carpet


Public Competition for the elaboration of the interpretative Center for the Arraiolos Carpet

This new project will be installed at the old Espírito Santo de Arraiolos Hospital and consists on the creation of a museological and research about the Arraiolos Carpet theme.
Due to the several changes the Hospital suffered over the years, this proposal seeks for the understanding of what is original and characterizes the building, at the same time introduces new elements, establishing a live tension between ages and languages.
It is proposed the construction of a volume who rips vertically the centre of the building and assumes itself as an unifying element of the different spaces. This element is structural, organizer of the course and at the same time an expository element that can be transformed and worked to be adapted to what is intended to exhibit.
Co-authored: Alda Coelho, Margarida Oliveira e Susana Milão




School in Vagos


Public Competition for the elaboration of the project to School Centre of Gafanha da Boa Hora, Vagos

This School Centre would receive students from pre-school and 1st cycle students.
The proposed building is predominantly constituted by one single floor, yet, it will be necessary that a part of the program would be placed in a 2nd floor, so that it would be possible a good relation with the external recreation area.
The School Centre entrance it will be a connection point between 2 bodies, between 2 moments of the program and the meeting point between the school community and the parents.
In the most extensive body it will be integrated the program of academic and complementary spaces, while in the 2nd body, with 2 floors, the library, teachers living rooms and computing rooms will be found.
The edified set is characterized by plans and volumes with advances and decreases in relation to an predominant alignment, that allows the appearance of visual axes and the evacuation paths creation.
Susana Milão e Ricardo Gil Pereira (Architecture), Alberto Plácido (Photograph and Image Processing) e MAKE DESIGN (Graphic Design)




Stand – Cultura e Criatividade


Concepta – 1st International Art, Culture and Creative Industries Fair

The intention of IMERGE's stand, was to be and promote the commercial platform linked to design, jewellery, visual arts and in the services area of architecture, engineering and cultural production.
The Architecture project regarding this space concept used 2 and 3 leafs screens, in which the structure (frame and diagonal) is left in sight.
The ground and recycled furniture organize the courses and circumscribe the stand's area. This is a crossing , two front open space, and appealing to interaction.
The recycled furniture (neutralized by its grey color) carries us to the idea of “familiar” space and the overlapping of furniture, at the diagonal's end, produces an composed sculptural shape, possible to visualize (strange and curious element) and circumvent.
Susana Milão, Ricardo Gil Pereira, Laurent Scanga (Architecture)






Office building remodeling

The project intends to transform a common office building, placed at Fonte Taurina's street in Porto, at a creative enterprises incubator.
Having in its base the concept of flexibility, the project finds itself limited by being an existent construction, that leading to an adapting and functional flexibility.
The existing elements adaptable to the new program are maintained, transformed to the creation of a neutral image that will confer unity to all the building.
The program also counts with a multifunctional and opened to the public at ground 0 level space, where the diverse artists work will be promoted.
With this project, the aim is to build spaces with identity and capable to foment creativity of whom occupies them, being, however, neutral spaces, able to receive new interventions and to develop with their users.
Daniel Barbosa e Rita Ferreira (Engineering), Laurent Scanga, Susana Milão e Liliana Vaz (Architecture), Roberta Lazzoni (Interior Design)






Commercial space remodeling

Placed at Santa Catarina street, this space corresponds to the ground floor of a typical building of Porto, characterized by a narrow street front and for its longitudinal development. It started to be a gallery: an unique space on the ground floor and another on the basement. The color together with the “light boxes” A unify and neutralize the space for the hosting of contemporary art projects. The counter, black monolithic element, punctuated the room and it has served, in a second stage of the space programming, to associate a cafeteria area. There, a long bench throughout the wall, made by the overlapping of black painted palettes combined with recycled furniture (MOBIMERGE brand) of sofas, chairs of different kinds and ages and adaptable tables.
Today, Espaço Imerge is much more, is entrance and reception of projects linked to “creative industries” installed at the upper floors.
The ground floor is a multifunctional and fluid space where the Shop-Gallery, the cafeteria and a working space succeed one another and coexist without defined physical boundaries.
Susana Milão, Ricardo Gil Pereira, Paulo Freitas, Laurent Scanga (Architecture)




House in Fontinha


Family house remodeling

The remodeling project addresses to a building placed at Fontinha's street in Porto, adapting its interior areas to the client's needs, but with no interference with the existing volume. This Porto's typical building is gifted with a narrow street front, develops itself longitudinally and at the back of the house there is a backyard with a particular characteristic, it has a patio who cuts through the building's volume and allows to light the house's central spaces. The project seeks to take advantage of these characteristics and through lighting, color and materials choices, to provide a narrow building with areas who dissemble that perception. There were also created furniture elements adapted to the residence, that solve functional issues and become space defining elements. Susana Milão, Laurent Scanga e Liliana Vaz (Architecture), Roberta Lazzoni (Interior Design)the building's volume and allows to light the house's central spaces. In the project is intended to take advantage of these characteristics and through lighting, color and materials choices, to provide a narrow building with areas who dissemble that perception. There were also created furniture elements adapted to the residence, that solve functional issues and become space defining elements.




Ousão, Valença, Portugal


The project proposes a rural house restoration and its enlargement.

The enlargement “body” is defined as a low and linear volume in contrast with the existing volume. This tension breaks up the linearity of the project, creating clear volumetric relations between the new and the existing.




House in Campo Lindo


Family house and atelier remodeling

A lost house belonging to an old, extinguished farm that new city accesses cut through.
With a implantation and allotment design distinct from what is predominant in Porto, this house has a very wide front, reduced depth and a surrounding garden. There was the need to listen, respect and understand this living system, to regenerate it, throwing it in to a new comfort and the need of space_home and an architecture atelier.




Dwelling house in Seixezelo


Family house extension and remodeling

Family house extension and remodeling
Placed at Seixezelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, the residence is composed by two contiguous bodies of 2 floors and 1 floor, that are faced to the street, the building also possesses a patio.
The project emerges from the client's will to have a residence that allows him to roost his family, what led to the need to extend the house.
Side by side with the remodeling of the 2 floor building, the one floor building is demolished and it is created one new with the same volume than the previous. With this extension, it was intended to answer the clients needs and at the same time to create an homogeneous image, where the previously existent and the new merge and assume as a single residence. Susana Milão (Architecture)




House in Silva Porto


Family house remodeling

This remodeling project qualifies the building creating an mezzanine space that frees one floor's main front and defines e clarifies the entrance and the space connections between the 2 floors, this resulting from the house's ridge elevation.
The ceilings acentuate the covering inclined surfaces and transport light between the upper floor and the ground floor that as a more social character. Here the space is wide and exposed to the patio's garden. The kitchen through a slide pannel sistem, is isolated or integrated in the social areal. The light and the choice of materials were fundamental elements in a project looking to provide more amplitude to reduced dimensions spaces. Susana Milão (Architecture)




House in Lindo Vale


Family house extension and remodeling

The Lindo Vale's street urban building, in Porto, is composed by 2 bodies, both with 2 floors, only one of them is facing the street, being the other placed at the ground's back.
As the actual shape didn't respond to the client's necessities, the need existed to conciliate the existent bodies with an volumetric extension that would allow to create an residence, capable to receive an wide family.
The residential program is divided between the 2 volumes, seeking to take advantage of the existent spaces, creating new elements that would allow to reply to an extensive program.
To establish the connection between the 2 bodies and also between the floors, the procedure is in the implantation area's enlargement, and also to the extension of one of the building's body.
With this extension a functional problem of spaces connections is solved and 2 volumes are transformed in a single residence, able to respond to the clients wishes. Susana Milão, Ricardo Gil Pereira and colaboration of Alda Coelho and Liliana Vaz (Architecture)
We have as mission the design, preparation and implementation of services and logistics solutions.
Experienced in integrated projects connected with architecture and cultural production, we have as mission the design, preparation and implementation of services and logistic solutions, resorting to means and a set of experienced professionals, aiming to meet each client needs and demands.
We have several support services to artistic, cultural, and other events; indoor and outdoor, design, communication divulgence, edition e outsourcing.
Our action includes: the development of projects, work and team coordination, equipments provision and application and carrying out accessories works.






Selected projects







Competition: Modular market not a building: a place of interconnection

This project seeks for a architectonic solution that will help to increase craftwork, in understanding the importance between the public, artistic process and commercial needs.
This proposal intends to show the market can appear in any part of the city, adapting to places with a strong identity or places with no identity at all. The market as meeting point, work, learning and innovation, is the base of this project whose intentions are to inspire and help artists in their integration in the public space.
At that time a modular market appears that can be transformed by artists while their occupation.
They're modules that can work isolated or combined with others, therefore being possible creating several combinations. These modules are composed by inner e outer spaces allowing also to be used by the public as places of meeting/recreation.
Alda Coelho, Margarida Oliveira, Susana Milão (Architecture) e Tiago Dias (Photography and Image Processing)






Public Competition – Museum strategy, contents production and exhibition assembly

The theme behind this proposal is centered over “the humanization of the coastline landscape throughout the ages – the case of Gândara's Territory”. We defend the thesis that the subject of the discussion is a landscape in witch the “natural” is no more than the human effort to create conditions for the territory's use, through the slow build up of knowledge over what shapes to dominate, at least in a relative way, in the surrounding environment.
The museum speech will be centered on a VOYAGE with 2 moments: - the present leading to the discovery of the territory today and - the past, through the historic investigation and gathering of elements that will lead to the understanding, interpretation and awareness of current events.
The future shall be worked permanently by the defense of a museum and dynamic cultural equipment, young and in permanent transformation. The space of the Museum is the bridge to the territory, whose main goals should approach preservation and respect to environment and today's territory, so that we can leave, as our past generations already did, a landscape, an environment and a place for the generations who follow.
Susana Milão e Ricardo Gil Pereira (architecture) and Rui Magalhães, We Work For Knowledge (Graphic Design)




Berardo Museum and Electricidade Museum


2 Public Competitions for the Lisbon Architecture's Triennial Lisbon Architecture's Triennial theme is to inhabit.

The house as architecture's archetype it's the enclosing casing between public and private sphere. ontogenic space, place from where man “leaves and returns”, place of defense, pleasure, learning,
2 Concepts emerge, the 1st , the exhibition's organization like a “tree”, the idea of ramification from a central piece that is the preface to the exhibitions, while the 2nd concept, is the idea of box as a base element of construction, as a nucleus, in analogy with the housing, that in these two exhibitions, organizes, repeats and aggregates itself.
The ephemeral character of this exhibition in combination with the theme led to the genesis of inhabit: the shelter, the hut.
The proposed expository path rises from the creation of volumes made of cardboard boxes, and these may assume themselves as transportation objects or as expository bases. This solution flexibility and versatility allows different shapes, settings and voids compositions and it will serve any expository content. Containers arranged in several ways will sustain themselves, creating spaces with different characteristics and configurations. Previewing the exhibition a 1st reading occurs , where the graphic identity signals the proposed theme and brand. The exhibition is revealed from an axial ax that organizes the space and intersects the expository volumes.
Each corresponds to a geographic area and it differs the others through the use of colour and distinct tipographies.
The exhibition is centred in 2 levels, the 1st works through the layers superposition that draw the space, guiding the public, while in a 2nd level a communication system rises, specific to each space.
Alda Coelho, Margarida Oliveira, Susana Milão (Architecture), Tiago Dias (Photography and Image Processing), Indigo (Graphic Design Museu Berardo) and We Work For Knowledge (Graphic Design Museu Electricidade) Images 1,2,3 Museu da Electricidade; 4,5, Museu Berardo




Viana do Castelo's Costumes Museum


Public Competition - “Services provision for the qualification and permanent exhibition (temporary of long term) and front desk of Viana do Castelo's Costumes Museum

This museum is seen as mediation instrument between objects, memories, people and local power.
With this proposal is intended to respect an to let the building breathe, releasing the perimeter and focusing the exhibition in the centre. Is intended to create and expository speech with internal coherence, from a central area, intimate, in the use and craftwork of fabrics production, and later, in the lateral platforms, to call out the external, the country and the sea.
The front desk will be the arrival and departure and from this space, there is only a glimpse of the exhibition, from where doesn't exist a total view of the space, with the intention to awaken the curiosity of the visitor.
The expository path is created by built elements and inside these, there are furniture that provokes the interactivity between the public and the exhibition
This proposal can be drawn with the resource to modules allowing, in this matter, the exhibition's “refreshment”, creating a new expository speech over the same collection.
Alda Coelho, Susana Milão (Architecture), Tiago Dias (Photography and Image Processing), We Work For Knowledge (Graphic Design), Conceição Rios (Consulting)




STAND_Exposição “Fios” and Exhibition “Fios, teias e tecidos”


2 Public Competitions for Designing the 21st Craftwork International Fair Exhibition – FIA 2009

The concepts for the exhibition are based in shape and memory and its execution rests over 2 approachs and mediation levels between the expository message/object and public/visitor.
On the 1st approach the visual communication as information transmission is considered, while the 2nd approach intends to trigger readings and to capture attentions.
The 1st level works through the overlapped layers in spaces and objects, leading to a family elements creation through several nucleus associations.
The 2nd level is connected with the perception and interpretation, existing in the expository areas a specific communication system that guides the visitor and suggests him new readings. Susana Milão, Laurent Scanga, Alda Coelho (Architecture), Gaelle Sandré (Communication Design), Conceição Rio (Consulting)




Terra de Besteiros


Public Competition – Designing and Providing for the Museum Strategy of Terra de Besteiros Museum

The proposal views this museum as a possibility for the public to discover the reality, the history and local culture. The exhibition speech is divided in 3 moments: to find the land; the ages and cultures; culture and traditional technology. The whole exhibition will be composed by different modules working independently from the building, this allowing a high flexibility of use and assembling.
According to the museum speech, this “cultural equipment” will be a space capable of transform and adapt itself to the visitor and in interaction with this visitor. More than a fixed scheme of content, lighting, sound, peaces disposal, technology should enter as a new element, writing a new page on the rich district history. The symphony of light, sound and effects that exist at the space of the museum and transform it, depends directly from the interaction and interest of each one of the users before the different exhibited objects. Susana Milão, Ricardo Gil Pereira (Architecture) e Gaelle Sandré (Graphic Design)




"Património no Território"


Stand and Itinerant Exhibition conception and production

CLASSIFIED NORTHERN PORTUGUESE PATRIMONY INTERVENTIONS 2005-2010 | April 2010, São Martinho de Tibães Monastery (Braga)|Porto and Valladolid

“ It's a DRCN | Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte (Northern Culture Regional Directorate) goal and competence, to promote the Built Patrimony Protection and Divulgence. This Exhibition intends to promote the Northern region Patrimony and the Protection and Valuation activity that this Regional Directorate has developed in the last five years.”

DRCN has promoted in September 2010, at Estação de Metro S. Bento, (S. Bento's subway station) in Porto, the Itinerant Exhibition "Patrimony within the Territory"

"PERMANENCIA Y IDENTIDADES" Património Norte de Portugal | "PERMANENCY and IDENTITIES" Portugal's Northern Patrimony
In November 2010, DRCN has promoted, within the event AR&PA 2010 - VII Bienal de Restauro e Gestão do Património (AR&PA 2010 - VII Biennial of Restoration and Patrimony Management), the exhibition under the subject "Património no Território - castelos, igrejas e sítios da raia transmontana" ("Patrimony within the Territory"- Castles, Churches and Trás-os-Montes boundaries), performed at the ambit of an application presented to the Programa Operacional de Cooperação Transfronteiriça Espanha-Portugal|(Transboundary Cooperation Operational Program).




Outeiro's Museological Center


Conception and production of the Museological Center with patrimonial character | September 2009, Outeiro, Bragança

This museological nucleus appears in the ancient City House and it was conceived as a framing and initiation space to an “ itinerary ” that is extended to the village streets.
The unique expository element is the Judge's chair, which it was restaured and placed over a platform, placed in the middle of the 2 windows, through which you can observe the village and the stone pillory.
The city house space was re- designed resorting to panels apart from the walls, this allows the creation of a technical and storage area where the expository elements will be kept, also allowing the exhibition elements replacement and dynamics.
Due to space reduced dimensions and intending to value the Judge's Chair, the panels contain only texts and images, however, 5 drawers and 2 small closets will be embedded, keeping in its interior, some of the local material and immaterial patrimony.
Susana Milão e Alda Coelho (Architecture), Alberto Plácido e Joaquim Pinheiro (Photography), Luís Mendonça (Graphic Design, INEAR, Marcos Jerónimo (Sound Installation), Ilda Nunes (Conservation e restoration Judge's Chair), VIDEOCONTACTO_Jorge Medeiros ( Video Assembly)




Izeda's Museological Center


Conception and production of the Museological Center with historic and ethnographic character | September 2009 Izeda, Bragança

The Exhibition is presented as an “ itinerary ” of discovery of territory and people. To create this effect, the most representative peaces of Izeda's everyday life were selected and integrated in a permanent exhibition.
The organization of the exhibition is made through the creation of theme nucleus that picture the private and public world and the transition between them. There are 6 nucleus exclusively expository and 1 nucleus for the welcoming to the exhibition.
Each nucleus will be built by a a set of platforms, in a base module, composed by different expository elements, that allow to organize and exhibit different kinds of objects.
Supporting these nucleus, 2 closets will work as exhibitors and backup closet, for is intended the exhibition will not be definite and a transformation and change of the expository objects can be verified.
Still, there is a temporary exhibition where the same organization of the nucleus will be used and backup objects will be exhibited. Susana Milão and Alda Coelho (Architecture), Alberto Plácido and Joaquim Pinheiro (Photography), Luís Mendonça (Graphic Design), INEAR, Marcos Jerónimo (Sound Installation), VIDEOCONTACTO_Jorge Medeiros (Video Assembly), Conceição Rios (Ethnography / Museology)




“Almada, são nosso todos os caminhos”


Designing, producing, assemblage, technical assistance and dismantling of the Exhibition

The concept for this exhibition is based on the idea of interior/exterior and also in the idea of associated theme net and avoiding a sequential reading, it chased a sensorial exploration of the exhibitive space by the visitor.
The exhibition is composed by several modules, witch are built by the aggregation of a base module, that can present different compositions. These modules are disposed, considering the theme, but also in a way that can create circling, appealing itineraries. The proposal called upon the use of colour in the interior of each pavilion, creating distinctions between them, creating a chromatic reading that would induce the space exploration, by contrast with the volume exterior kept to their natural colour and with punctual interventions. The exhibition is presented in 2 levels, the 1st composed by a multiplicity of visual and audio estimulations that want to captivate the passer-by, on the 2nd level much more detailed information on the modules interior are presented. Ricardo Gil Pereira, Alda Coelho, Susana Milão (Arquitecture), José Xardo (Engineering), Gaelle Sandré, Luís Mendonça (Design), Conceição Rios (Consulting), MCV,LDA (Building and Assembly)




Caminha's Historical Center, Museological Nucleus


Project's design, conception and exhibition's material supplying (divulgence and promotion)| October 2007 - September 2008

As a way to provide a destiny to the Archeological Patrimony that has been discovered in the district, Câmara Municipal de Caminha (Caminha's City Hall) is promoting a Museological Nucleus project, placed in Torre do Relógio (the clock tower), created with the mission to interpret, value e diffuse unique testimony. The museological program was presented, conceived and it was based on the concept that explores the relation between visitor, space, the expository object and the “Torre do Relógio“ building's architecture.
The associated logotype and graphic identities were developed with the concern to adjust to all different circumstances, supports, means and scales, in which chromatic options reinforce the image and symbolically refer to the patrimonial culture of the “Place”.




S. Martinho de Tibães Monastery, Braga


January 2006 | January 2008_Creation of Exhibitive Module to the Rehabilitation Project in Tibães Monastery

During the foreseen period to the recovery works of the Novitiate, South Wing and the Refectory Cloister, nearly a third of Tibães Monastery area would be inaccessible and it would stop being part of the museological path. The displayed exhibition in the Monastery and their guided tours, intended to fill in that blank, and to give the visitor the possibility to know the project and the reconstruction work that lasted for about two years. The idea to show the project through images gave birth to a exhibitive Module, made of two overlapped projection boxes: a box for virtual images that allow to view the future and another box for the projection of photographs of the work site monitoring. These pictures, taken from 16 fixed places of the work were updated monthly, and could be seen in the exhibitive module, while the all set of pictures, the present and the ones taken previously, as well other information related to the project, would be seen at
Design, creation, regeneration and objects refitment, sustainable architecture projects.
We develop experimental and interventive projects, in a strong base in regenerating and changing spaces and objects, from existing products, anonimous furniture, transformed and renamed, working the topic of sustainability, the creation of unique environments, the creation of neutral based elements, susceptible to personal intervention.






Selected projects


Consultancy and Cultural Mediation, cultural and artistic entities management.
IDEIAS EMERGENTES works in the area of consultancy and cultural mediation and in cultural and artistic entities management, designing and developing social and cultural strategies in the artistic and cultural programming, seeking to enable the artistic project and assuring its adjustment to the cultural and business environment specificity.
We perform projects management and counselling, research and concepts development.






Selected projects








Ideias Emergentes has as its main objectives the production of projects and events that contribute and promote Cultural diversity.

Ideias Emergentes has focused in promoting and divulging emergent artists, producing projects and events that maximize wealth and cultural diversity, stimulating local, regional and internacional projects. We are responsible for developing a own cultural schedule, and also schedules in partnership with other similar entities.
Our activities behold Cultural/Artistic Projects in several domains such as: Exhibitions, workshop' s, Dance and Theater shows, Concerts, Performances, Literary editing, Debates. We are commited to promote and develop european projects in Cultural and Artistic ambit, investing in intercultural learning and promoting emergent artists, from present and future partnerships.






Selected projects








Instalation_window at Mercado de Guimarães and Espaço IMERGE.

Collaborative work between architects, designers and illustrators - Susana Milão, Laurent Scanga, Nuno Ramos, Gaelle Sandré e Sebastien Dégeilh - carried out in September in the city of Guimarães, and with the support of the European Capital of Culture.
CHRONICAL OF GUIMARÃES is a provocative and of reflection project about the city, inserted in a long term and large spectrum project - REGENLAB ( ).
Between fiction and reality, this project wants to produce new readings and new representations creation from an “outsider” point a view in confrontation with the local referencial. The name of the Project, comes from the reference of “Chronicles of Nuremberg”, a city guide from 1493 that contextualizes the society of the period. In 2012, and as a result of an “artistic residence”, the attention focuses over the current condition of the markets of Guimarães, more specifically over the transformation and replacement of the “exchange places”: the recent city market and fair field; the hypermarket; and the ancient market of the architect Marques da Silva and current Art Platform.




CONTEXTILE 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial



CONTEXTILE 2012 – CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE ART TRIENNIAL is an international contemporary art event, in which textiles are the element of reference in the Reflection, Research and Creation, in the various forms of artistic expression and representation.
CONTEXTILE offers and aims to: Give visibility to Textile Art; mobilize and encourage artists to adopt an innovative and experimental approach to visual arts; become a Creative Platform and a catalyst for debating ideas/projects, developing international networks, exchanging interdisciplinary and academic good practices.
In this first edition of CONTEXTILE we designed a triennial project based on a simple but balanced program, which includes the GUIMARÃES 2012 – European Capital of Culture program, and which will be presented in various locations around the city and includes: an international exhibition, satellite exhibitions, artist residencies, workshops, conferences and public art interventions.




REWIND : Portuguese Textile and Contemporary Art Exhibition



September 22 | December 4 2011, as a part of KAUNAS BIENNIAL, TEXTILE’11

For the REWIND: Portuguese Textile and Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lúcia David, curator and participating artist in the show, has selected the artists Márcia Luças, João Vaz de Carvalho, Lilia Catarina, Jorge Ramos, Conceição Rios, Alexandra Ministro, Lúcia David. These artists work this theme as a mean of expression, using textiles as a material or as a conceptual element, in the making of their art works.

On the left, art works from Lilia Catarina, Lúcia David,São Rios, Alexandra Ministro and João Vaz de Carvalho







May 22nd | June 20th 2010 | Espaço IMERGE, Galeria ASVS, Fábrica Social, Galeria 787, Teatro Helena Sá e Costa

KAUNASOPORTO exchange is a project that intends to develop a cultural and artistic relation between Portugal and Lithuania, through a partnership between IDEIAS EMERGENTES – Produção Cultural, CRL from Porto and MenoPARKAS Galerija / Lithuania Artists Association, in Kaunas. Since 2005 several conjoint artistic projects have been developed in Porto and Kaunas.




REGENLAB | New Cartographies of the Creative Cities



1st | 12th October 2009 Porto | European Exchange and Workshop

"REGENLAB” is a project related to urban issues of a city in all dimensions. The main question of this project refers to the potential of creative cities as an urban regeneration model as well as a vehicle to promote citizen participation in the construction of contemporary cities.
With a strong tradition of projection and reception of ideas by international networks, embodied in exchanges, artists residences or integration of young European volunteers, IMERGE has opened the project to a participated and multidisciplinary study of those who come from various European routes and add to REGENLAB the elasticity of disciplinary approaches, enriching it dialectically with these new views.




ARTVILNIUS'09 | Baltic States Contemporary Art Fair



8th |12th July 2009 | LITEXPO, VILNIUS, LITHUANIA


Vilnius it was the European Capital of Culture 2009. One of the most important events of this program, was the 1st International Art Fair, never held before in the Baltic States- ART VILNIUS'09, that had as its main objective to create a bridge between the East and the West.




REDline’08 _Bordering on Us



October 11th | November 9th 2008 Porto | Internacional Contemporary Art Encounter

REDline’08_Bordering on Us, it's an artistic project that aimed to an international Contemporary Art Encounter_Exhibition production, framed within a research methodology about the public space theme in contemporaneity and, specifically, from recent developments in what we understand to be their nature or form, and subsequent changes of location and accessibility. In order to accomplish this project, we have established partnerships with artistic organizations located in Barcelona_Spain, Montpellier_France, Kaunas_ Lithuania and Warsaw_Poland.







September 25th | October 25th 2008 | TPK_L’Hospitalet-Barcelona

...what is now present was before future.
The present is nothing but the future in a embryo stage...

The concept of Museum has in itself the whole notion of time. Technically it represents the past that is preserved in the present but will continuously ageing into the future. In one life time we only can perceive a soft ageing colouring. In the case of my work and because the material that I use is paper, the process of ageing is a process of yellowing or browning. So the future of paper can be its total degradation; but a museum can interfere in this natural ageing process in a conservation act, preserving and stopping time for a brief moment, or even rewind the process of ageing almost like bleaching the paper, by cleaning it, so it will look younger. Taking this notion of bubble of time that a Museum represents, my project intents to depict shades of ageing, and it is the attempt to grab a piece of future in the present moment. This as to do also with the idea that what is now present was before future, and the present is for that matter, the future in a embryo stage. (Lúcia David 2008)







February 8th | March 28th 2008 | TPK_L’Hospitalet-Barcelona, Spain

ECO is an photographic installation; when subjected to an optical system (mirrors), photography dispenses its individual identity, to connect itself with its own reflections, creating a new perception, with a multiplicity of interpretations that oscillate between reality and illusion, in a reflection about the role of photography as a mean to represent reality and its importance in the idea of landscape.









José Salsa, Architect


Training location


No workshops scheduled.

Part I of Sketchup Workshop is for users of all areas of work. It is of simple assimilation and easy to to allow any user of quicly relate with th emenus, 3D visualization space, mouse actions, comands and functions of Sketchup. This workshop has a strong practical component.




José Salsa, Architect


Training location


No workshops scheduled.

Workshop Sketchup II teaches work methods and a more specific tool complements oriented to architects and similar work areas. It introduces, not only more specific and elaborated commands but also intends to implement some work and development methodologies to optimize the tool that represents SU.



Production of posters to divulge small (big) events

Nuno Ramos, Pé de Mosca


Training location
Espaço Imerge, Rua de St. Catarina, nº 781, Porto


Time Schedule: 4 sessions of 3 hours each (2h30pm /15h30pm)
6 participants minimum / 12 participants maximum
Price: 85,00€

The need to divulge events and the budget difficulties to achieve it, often leads to this to be the most neglected component of a project. The spread of computer and home printers, make easy to create divulgence supports, but that doesn't mean they have a higher quality.
This workshop it is divided in 2 components: the rules to create a poster, taking into account technical questions that assure a effective communication; and simple “homemade” printing techniques, such as silkscreen printing. We intend to endow participants, with the tools that make possible to project and reproduce posters in an economical and efficient way.



Photography as a Digital Support I

Alberto Plácido, Photographer


Training location
Espaço Imerge, Rua de St. Catarina, nº 781, Porto


17, 20 e 21 February, 7pm - 10pm
95,00 €

“Photography as a Digital Support I, intends to be a way to introduce, to all that wish to acquire a vast knowledge about digital photography, and also, to provide the necessary techniques to obtain a high quality digital image. The workshop aims to give an introduction to the digital format in the photography area.
As the act of “taking pictures” itself, hasn't changed since the digital support arrival, we intend to teach this new digital support foundations, so we can take advantage of its fundamental characteristics. The main subject of the workshop is the acquirement of essential knowledge to those who, in a way, use digital photography, assuming that a picture created in a digital photographic camera is not finished when it leaves the camera. In the case of CCD ou CMOS sensors, it will always need some adjustments.”



Photography as a Digital Support II

Alberto Plácido, Photographer


Training location


No workshops scheduled.

“Photography as a Digital Support II it is a journey into the Adobe Photoshop program, where all the essential tools to Digital Photography editing will be approached, setting the student ready to creation, editing and picture correction, using tools and techniques that allow more complex editions. Work methods will be taught that will improve to the most the use of Photoshop, addressing to Digital Photography in general, in a way that it is possible to achieve the highest quality in a digital image.”







Espaço Imerge
Praça da República, nº 180
4º FRT
4050-498 Porto



Opening hours


00351 223280833


Mobile phone
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Head office
Produção Cultural,CRL
Rua Dr. Pedro Dias, 54
4200 – 441 Porto




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Jul 26 to Oct 11


Guimarães, Portugal


INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION | 50 artists | 53 artworks


ARTISTIC RESIDENCIES: Embroidery of Guimarães | In Factory.

“FIBER FUTURES – Japan’s Textile Pionners”

EMERGENCIES: ARTISTIC EDUCATION AND TEXTILE CULTURE: Portuguese artistic schools students textile artworks exhibition: Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto, Escola Soares dos Reis (Porto), Escola António Arroio (Lisboa)

TEXTILES TALKS | BLACK BOX PAC:Contemporary textile art: what’s this about?

WORKSHOPS: Workshop “Drawing with Strings”, with the artist Cindy Steiller

PUBLIC INTERVENTIONS: A biennial extension at MODtissimo, in partnership with ATP/Selectiva Moda

To know more go to: CONTEXTILE 2014



Suave 5

30th May/30th June 2013


Museu de Artes Decorativas | Madrid


8 Portuguese artists participate in Suave 5 - Trienal Internacional de Complementos Textiles para la Moda: Alexandra Oliveira, Ana Tecedeiro, Claúdia Melo, Conceição Rios, Dora Iva Rita, Florbela Barreto, Lília Catarina and Rita Noro.



CHRISTMAS AT IMERGE'12 | Exhibition Sale of Artistic Objects

26 November 31 December 2012


ESPAÇO IMERGE, Rua de Santa Catarina, 777, PORTO


Monday to Saturday, 10AM | 7PM

jewelery | accessories | ceramics | furniture| photography | serigraphy | painting | sculpture | music | book | urban crafts



CONTEXTILE 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial



CASA DA MEMÓRIA, Conde Margaride Av., nº 490-502


CONTEXTILE 2012 – CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE ART TRIENNIAL is an international contemporary art event, in which textiles are the element of reference in the Reflection, Research and Creation, in the various forms of artistic expression and representation.
CONTEXTILE offers and aims to: Give visibility to Textile Art; mobilize and encourage artists to adopt an innovative and experimental approach to visual arts; become a Creative Platform and a catalyst for debating ideas/projects, developing international networks, exchanging interdisciplinary and academic good practices.
In this first edition of CONTEXTILE we designed a triennial project based on a simple but balanced program, which includes the GUIMARÃES 2012 – European Capital of Culture program, and which will be presented in various locations around the city and includes: an international exhibition, satellite exhibitions, artist residencies, workshops, conferences and public art interventions.



CONFERENCE Contemporary Textile Art: what prospects?

2nd and 3rd October




CONTEXTILE 2012 is organizing a Conference that intends to make an state of play, both national and international, on Textile Art. We count with the presence of specialized guests, incited to present their studies, works and experiences, namely in market issues, the realization of promotion events and the situation of Textile Art on the universe of artistic schools, current questions that move around the reflection on Contemporary Art.
To know more about the conference:



SPEED PROJECTS | CONFERENCE Contemporary Textile Art

2nd and 3rd October




The conference Contemporary Textile Art: what Prospects? creates an opportunity to do individual presentations – the Speed Projects – which will focus on arts education, artistic production, market experience or other, with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. The work should be presented clearly and succinctly and submitted to CONTEXTILE 2012 ( by 07th September, indicating the subject and attaching 10 pictures that illustrates the presentation. The organization reserves the right of selection of proposals, according to diversification criteria of presentations in order to make the sessions interesting and dynamic to the understanding of Textile Art universe.
Speed Projects Enrollment at: CONTEXTILE 2012



Artistic Residencies_IN FACTORY

July 2012




Two artists began last July 2 (until July 31) the residency In Factory in two textile industries in Guimarães, . The artist Ernesta Dikinytè (Lithuania), develops her project in the company Pereira da Cunha SA and Francesca Piñol (Spain), works in the company Sampedro.
The final results of these artistic residencies (part of Contextile 2012 program) will be presented to the public from September 1, day of the opening of the exhibitions of Contextile 2012 – Triennial of Contemporary Art Textiles.
To know more: CONTEXTILE 2012



CONTEXTILE 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial

September 1| October 14 2012


City of Guimarães


IDEIAS EMERGENTES – Cultural Production, CRL is currently organizing and promoting the 1st Edition of CONTEXTILE 2012 – TRIENAL TÊXTIL E ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA. This event will take place in the Portuguese city of Guimarães from the 1st of September to 14th of October, 2012. It takes part of the program of GUIMARÃES 2012 – European Capital of Culture. The triennial program will include a Textile Art Competition and a Acquisition Prize. This competition is open to all national and international artists. Artists may apply until the 15th of February 2012 with artwork projects from 2009 to 2012, and all forms of visual arts will be accepted.



NATAL na IMERGE'11 | Exposição Venda de Autor

21 November | 31 December 2011



In Espaço IMERGE we had our regular Christmas Exhibition and sale of Portuguese Artists works. In our Showroom you can find Jewellery, Books and Music, Visual Arts, Housing, Furniture, Ceramics and other original and unique works.
Espaço Imerge, Rua St. Catarina, 781, 1º | Porto
Monday to Saturday, from 10a.m




November 12, 2011


City of Porto


A route through Architectural Ateliers in downtown Porto

IDEIAS EMERGENTES participated in the 1st 4000 Ateliers event. On November 12, Saturday, 20 Architectural studies from downtown Porto opened their doors and invited the general public to know their work.

Please visit: 4000 Ateliers



REWIND : Portuguese Textile and Contemporary Art Exhibition

September 22 | December 4 2011


Kaunas, Lithuania


…” Lúcia David – curator and participating artist in the show – has selected six artists (Márcia Luças, João Vaz de Carvalho, Lilia Catarina, Jorge Ramos, Conceição Rios, Alexandra Ministro, Lúcia David), with a varied range of works and personal backgrounds that explore textile in different ways and from diverse angles. Originally working as fashion designers, illustrators, painters or sculptors, these artists took up textiles as means of expression, assembling art, history and culture, in their (each) diverse approach and perspective”…

Image on the left, Alexandra Ministro art work



KAUNAS BIENNIAL, TEXTILE’11: Rewind-Play-Forward

September 22 | December 4 2011


Kaunas, Lithuania


“The 8th Internacional Kaunas BIENNIAL TEXTILE’11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD is a platform for interrelations between visual and performing arts, as well as between art, science and industry: 7days dance theater, 10 days conference with lectures, workshops, excursions, Fluxus happening’s week, public art activities will unite artists and empower the local community for the common experience in cultural (co)/(post)/production.”
Visit Biennial’s official site:




June | November 2011


Porto, Portugal - Kaunas, Lithuania


Workshop / creation of the show (between Dance e and Visual Arts), by the choreographer Né Barros. With the participation of the Dance and Theatre Company AURA, Lithuania, a visual artist and a musician, both lithuanian, it took place from the 12th till 21st of Juin 2011 at the Auditório Balleteatro, Porto, Portugal and it's continuity will take place in November at Kaunas, debuting at November 12th, 2011. This production is part of AURA 21 International Dance Festival e Kaunas Biennial, Textile'11.





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