IDEIAS EMERGENTES - Arte, Arquitetura e Produção Cultural, CRL is a non-profit cooperative society in the field of culture, created in 2004 and based in the city of Porto. Its main objective is to disseminate and produce artistic activities that actively contribute to the emergence and affirmation of new cultural dynamics at local, regional and international level, promoting projects and platforms for cultural intervention that develop new fields of action and stimulate critical thinking, creativity and the ability of citizens to transform.

Our areas of activity are:

1. The production, programming and promotion of culture and artistic creation;

2. Integrated projects and applied research such as cultural tourism, heritage and museography. We include the study of territorial dynamics, spatial design and communication, information media and digital interaction and artistic intervention;

3. Publishing related to integrated projects or artistic creation and cultural programming projects;

4. Architecture, by designing projects and responding to services in the areas of housing, public space, museums and exhibition projects.