Porto, Portugal

Located in Rua de Santa Catarina, this space corresponded to the first floor of a typical Porto building, characterized by the narrow street front and its longitudinal development. It started as a gallery: a single space on the ground floor and another on the basement.

The color together with the "light box" standardized and neutralized the space for the hosting of contemporary art projects. The counter, a monolithic black element, punctuated the space and served to associate a cafeteria area in a second phase of programming of the space. There, a bench ran along the wall, made by superimposing black painted pallets conjugated with recycled furniture (MOBIMERGE brand) of sofas, chairs of different types and eras, and re-adapted tables.

The Imerge Space was much more, it was the entrance and reception of the projects connected to the "creative industries" installed in the upper floors. The first floor was a multifunctional and fluid space where the gallery store, the cafeteria and a work space succeeded each other and coexisted without physical limits that defined them.