Contemporary Textile Art Biennial

Guimarães, Portugal

Proposed and produced by Ideias Emergentes since 2012 in the context of Guimarães - European Capital of Culture, this international event takes place every two years.


Counting on the strategic support of the Municipality of Guimarães since the 1st edition, and of DGArtes and with the support and partnerships with several entities that are developing and expanding in each new edition, CONTEXTILE has been occupying public areas and various cultural spaces in the city, each edition.

For the program of the biennial Ideias Emergentes produces, curates, designs and presents an International Exhibition (from an international open call), Artistic Residencies (counting with the partnership with international organizations and resulting in an exhibition), Invited Artists Exhibition, Invited Country Exhibition (from partnerships with international organizations), “Emergências” Exhibition (in partnership with Artistic Schools), Public Interventions, Workshops, TextileTalks (International open call and invited speakers and artists). 

Ideias Emergentes coordinates the design of the graphic media, communication, website, and production of a catalog for each edition.