CONVERSAR. Interlace the words
To Experiment Textile

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To Experiment Textile 2023

CONVERSAR*. INTERLACE THE WORDS is an exhibition resulting from the artistic residency by Julie Lambert (Quebec, Canada), in Fafe, following the work developed previously with the exhibition CONVERSAR. BETWEEN THE BODY AND THE STRAW.

The exhibition is part of the “To experiment Textile” initiatives promoted by Ideias Emergentes in partnership with Contextile Biennial, which take place in the territory of Vale do Ave, with the aim of connecting the various realities of textile between each other, the different audiences and communities, to the process of creation around the textile element.

*CONVERSAR – To converse, to have a conversation.

“I was invited to Fafe to continue the conversation with the straw artisans. During my stay, we worked together to create new artworks. The participants are accomplished straw artisans and artists from the region, coming from various disciplines, who are curious to discover this local material.

To realize this project, a large team was called upon. Some planned, others supported, braided, imagined, sewed and fabricated. Many skilled hands joined together to express with straw what words cannot always convey.

Although our spoken language is not the same, we found the best way to feed our conversations: creation.”

Julie B. Lambert