Espaço IMERGE 2007

Porto, Portugal

L´Âme Sensible_Exhibition by Nú Barreto
30 June to 28 July 2007

Ideias Emergentes produced, curated and presented in Porto an exhibition and instalation of Nú Barreto, Guinean artist based in Paris.

The exhibition was built around three installations, one of them "I Have a Dream" was featured in the Dak’Art - Biennial of Contemporary African Art.

The two installations "Histoire de Passage" and "África Frustrada" were presented to the public for the first time.

10 Espectáculos | 10 Mulheres
26 May to 23 June 2007

Organization, production and curatorship of the exhibition, result of a permanence project and accompanying of the reality of the Santa Cruz do Bispo Prison Establishment and the work developed as a volunteer, by the artist Luísa Pinto.

From the theater, from staging the women that marked our history and remain as icons, she challenges inmates to assume the interpretation of these figures. The result materialized through Paulo Pimenta's photography, confronts the staging with the documentary and escapes from what we would call imitation.

Ideias Emergentes organized the debate "The Artistic Production in the Context of Social Intervention ” with the participation of the artists a representative of the Culture Department of Municipality of Matosinhos and the director of the Prisional Establishment, among others.

(De) Formatos
14 April to 13 May 2007

Ideias Emergentes was responsible for the organization, production and curatorship of the colective exhibition. Project that, through painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and performance.

The colective exhibition gathers four artists, Manuela São Simão, Pedro Marcolino, Sofia de Carvalho and Teixeira Barbosa.
The artists, through narratives, intend to create a new and unique formal dialogue in a wider space.

Estados de Quê?
11 March to 08 April 2007

Ideias Emergentes organized, produced, curated and assembled the painting Exhibition of Hugo Sampaio, presented at Espaço IMERGE.

The artist moves in various fields of artistic production, working as a designer, freelance photographer and musician. He starts to develop painting as a vehicle of expression, starting to exhibit regularly.

In the same occasion, two music concerts were also organized. ATP Trio (Jazz) e Nuno Pinto “Covering Them”.

Ensaio #
03 February to 04 March 2007

Production and curation of the Exhibition by the visual artist Teixeira Barbosa, presented at Espaço IMERGE.