Espaço IMERGE 2008

Porto, Portugal

27 June to 18 July 2008

Organization and production of the Collective Exhibition of Students of Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto, design and communication. We are always between two states. But, more important than understanding them separately is understanding the barrier that separates them. It is this threshold, which transforms two distinct points into one, that we must try to understand. We will not confine ourselves to states of mind but to states of action, where the "doing" of each one is exposed.

31 May to 27 June 2008

Ideias Emergentes presented the artistic project, a collective of contemporary art, created and developed by six visual artists from Catalonia (Barcelona, L´Hospitalêt).

This exhibition takes place following a partnership, in form of artistic exchange with the TePeKaLe Artists Collective.

Ideias Emergentes was responsible for the production of the exhibition, graphic and media contents and communication of the event.

At the opening of the exhibition, the Catalan musician Agustí Martinez presented his record work "Are Spirits What I Hear?", a set of compositions for the alto saxophone.

April 19th to May 25th

Organization and hosting of the exhibition by the architect Virgínio Moutinho, at Espaço IMERGE.

Virgínio Moutinho learned as a child to build his own toys. Today, alongside his professional activity, he maintains a passion for collecting and building toys. His activity evolved towards the production of playful objects.

15 March to 12 April 2008

Ideias Emergentes produced, curated and presented in Espaço Imerge, Porto the Contemporary Art Exibition of Lúcia David.
The artists work presented in the exhibition consist of visual metaphors, abstractions, thinking the idea of suicide.