New Cartographies of the Creative Cities

Porto, Portugal

Project conceived and produced by Ideias Emergentes, related to urban issues of a city in all dimensions, refering to the potential of creative cities as an urban regeneration model and a vehicle to promote citizen participation in the construction of contemporary cities.

With a strong tradition of projection and reception of ideas by international networks, embodied in international exchanges, artists residencies or integration of young European volunteers, Ideias Emergentes has opened the project to a participated and multidisciplinary study of those who come from various European routes and add to REGENLAB the elasticity of disciplinary approaches, enriching it dialectically with these new views.

Views from participants in various areas such as Architecture, from Urban Design, Sociology, Cultural Animation, Art, that systematically mapped the area.

The project involved research projects (TRANSCITIES Culture and Urban Regeneration), workshops, artistic residencies and it materialized in street artistic interventions ([VERMELHO VIVO] window project), exhibition, and the design and edition of a book/city guide.