Weave Up!
Leather&Skins | Cork

Guimarães, Portugal

“Weave up!” is a project funded by Creative Europe programme, to be held between Portugal, France and Lithuania by the consortium formed by Ideias Emergentes, HS_Projets and Vilnius Academy of Arts. The project consists in promoting textile materials among creators, artists, textile students and designers, addressing the issue of ecology and economy by conducting residencies for research and workshops for experimentation around four materials – wool, linen, leather and cork.

In Portugal, Ideias Emergentes organized two artistic residencies – leather&skins and cork – during 2023. In these residencies, the artists were in contact with the materials chain of production, its applications, while visiting factories and investigation centers.

Artists (Leather&Skins) – Hernâni Reis Baptista, Dijuota Zilyte, Mónica Faria, Beatriz Bizarro, Arthur Werner, Maytu Colective, Sofia Mingaleeva

Artists (Cork) – Lucile Drouet, Verena Brom, Sergei Zinchuk, Mónica Faria, Ivis Souza, Sofia Mingaleeva, Catarino Bere