Monastery of S. Martinho de Tibães

Mire de Tibães, Braga

During the recovery and rehabilitation work, between January 2006 and January 2008, a part of the Monastery was inaccessible to the Museological Route. Ideias Imergentes was responsible for the Creation and Production of the Exhibition Module, born of the idea of transmitting the project through images.

The module was composed of two overlapping projection boxes: one for virtual images that allow you to visualize the future and another for projection of accompanying photographs of the construction works, updated each month. The visitor was, therefore still able to know the project and accompany the rehabilitation work. The photographic record of the work was carried out by Ideias Emergentes.

Was conducted the production of the public presentation of the project for the restoration and rehabilitation work of the Novitiate, South Wing and Cloister of the Tibães Monastery Refectory, in January 2006, carried out by the responsible architect, arch. João Carlos Santos and with the presence of the Minister of Culture. On the occasion, a classical music concert was held and promoted.

Likewise, in november 2006, the organization and production of the São Martinho commemorative event was carried out: concert by the University of Minho Orchestra in the Church of the Monastery of S. Martinho de Tibães and dinner in the North Wing.